Always Trying To Do Better

Six weeks ago I posted that I would write another post about stress management and include more tips and ideas that might be helpful. But then George Floyd was murdered. Within a week of Mr. Floyd’s death, protests for racial justice began here in the U.S. and circled the globe. People needed to talk about how to talk to friends, colleagues, and managers about experiences of racism. Others wanted to talk about how to be better allies and friends for their loved ones and colleagues. Tools for stress management took a backseat. And by ‘backseat’, I mean ALL the way in the back of the bus.

I might eventually get back to those stress management tools. But it won’t be today.

During the past six weeks, I began to educate myself on racism. And I began to look into the mirror of my own privilege. In the weeks and years to come, I am going to say something stupid; I am going to fall on my face; I am going to stick my size 9 foot right in my mouth. And I will feel ashamed of my mistakes. Of this, I am certain.

But I will keep doing the work anyway. Because it matters. It matters to me to know better and then do better (or try to do better). It matters to me to try to make a difference in the lives of those who cross my path, whether for a few weeks or a few seconds or for years.

Here are a couple of things that have started me on my own journey.

I also have the Audible version of Ibram’s book.

There is no good way to end this short blog post. Probably because there is no end to this journey…at least not until our world is a safe and equitable place for every human.



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