Feedback: It’s Not What You Think

“Your blog is too personal for a professional website. You need to write about your professional experience and knowledge.” This feedback landed on me hard a couple of years ago. So hard, in fact, I stopped posting (hence the 18-month hiatus). I have a hard time not laughing out loud when people tell me, “Feedback […]

Is Your Motivation Playing Hide and Seek?

Project Crystal hit all the criteria of a worthwhile endeavor when your manager first presented the opportunity. Parts of it included work that aligned with your strengths (strategic thinking and creativity) and values (service to the greater good – in this case, improving customer experience). Given your stretch goal for the year, Project Crystal checked […]

“Worlds” Traveler

I never thought I was only located here.*I danced in other worlds.And lived a thousand lives.I kissed theMother and Fatherof nature and time. I’ve never been only here.I frolicked with nymphsin mossy green-ness.I limped with torn soldiersover and around the dead. I’ve never been only here.I skipped the first stone acrossPangea’s salty marshlandand rose with […]

Getting Into the Creative Spirit…

…feels way harder this year for me. Maybe it’s the pandemic. Maybe it’s the mile-long “to-do” list. Maybe it’s every fly-in task that grabs my attention and ends up taking 20 minutes instead of five. What’s a person who loves to create with words supposed to do? Geesh, dear reader, if I had the fool-proof, […]

Where Do I Start???

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite autumn beverage, settle into your seat, and let’s dive in. Today is November 18, 2020. The deadly and devastating COVID-19 pandemic churns through communities, families and dismantles lives all over the globe. The long-overdue public outcry and the protest of systemic racial injustice in the United States and […]

Always Trying To Do Better

Six weeks ago I posted that I would write another post about stress management and include more tips and ideas that might be helpful. But then George Floyd was murdered. Within a week of Mr. Floyd’s death, protests for racial justice began here in the U.S. and circled the globe. People needed to talk about […]

What’s Next?

I wish I knew. If you are like me you might be wondering the same. Opening up the country and getting the economy moving again makes sense. People and businesses are experiencing financial uncertainty on an unprecedented level. And, people are still contracting and dying from COVID-19. There is no right or easy road to […]

What I Gather During a Pandemic Quarantine

This is a crazy, scary time in our history. Almost none of us experienced the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu pandemic that killed over 600,000 people in the U.S. Covid-19 has been compared to that pandemic, and it’s causing us to feel anxiety, stress, and fear in ways we never experienced it before. Along with our friends, […]

I Sent My Son Outside to Play

I sent my son out in the rain to play So he couldn’t hear my sobs today. Soul-shaking, heart-breaking, Gasping-for-breath sobs Echoed in the empty house. Sobs for the hurting humans Sobs for the exhausted healers Sobs for the lonely partners Crying for loved ones dying alone. I sent my son out in the snow […]

Coaching… Perfect for Times Like These

We got the call last night that schools in Montana are closed until at least March 30. Our son has been begging to be homeschooled and his wish just came true. This morning, however, reality set in for him. It isn’t exactly what he thought it would be. I was thinking, “Finally, all hours I […]