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Your women and untapped associates need coaching

See why leadership and development coaching is the solution to modern corporate problems.

What results can you expect?

Collectively, the Annie Ricci Coach team has coached over 800 associates at all levels of organizations since 2015. Those women and untapped associates who have participated in a coaching program and responded to one of our surveys reported that:

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Felt that they had more confidence

0 %

Felt that they could lead with passion and authenticity

0 %

Of clients said they were clearer on where their strengths lie

0 %

Of clients said that they could now be their authentic self in the work environment

0 %

Believed that they could achieve their career aspirations

0 %

Felt more confident that they could identify strategies to use to navigate a difficult situation at work

0 %

Felt they could speak up and put their best ideas forward

0 %

Stated they were ‘Highly Likely’ or ‘Likely’ to recommend coaching to a colleague or friend

Why untapped associates need support

Lack Of Representation

With only a handful of women CEOs and just two black women making it to this position in 2021, something needs to change, and it starts from within

Burn Out Threats

Your women associates are more likely to burn out, as they struggle to juggle responsibilities at home with work. They need extra support to maintain balance and thrive at work

Retention Issues

If you don’t make developing and promoting women and untapped associates a priority, you run the risk of losing them, as they don’t feel appreciated or supported

Associate Self-doubt

Women and untapped associates are much less likely to ask for higher pay, apply for a promotion in your company, or contribute to meetings

Lower Productivity

If your women and untapped associates don’t feel engaged or supported at work, their work quality and productivity is more likely to suffer as a result

Increased Costs

Hiring new associates can incur high costs and harm team morale. Recruitment fees, company downtime, and training needs can all reduce your company’s overall profit

How Annie Ricci coaches can help


Our development and leadership coaches help develop happier, more motivated employees who contribute more at work and help strengthen your team’s effectiveness


By boosting engagement and developing staff, we help you create a talent pool of future leaders from within your own business and keep associates as your company for longer


With decreased staff turnover and increased team effectiveness, our development and leadership coaching helps associates drive more profit for your organization


Women and untapped associates who gain more confidence through leadership coaching tend to have better relationships with their supervisors and team members


We help associates harness their superpowers, reduce self-doubt, and carve out career development goals, all leading to higher levels of productivity at work


With more women and untapped leaders in your organization, our development and leadership coaches can help you reach your DE&I goals

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Our leadership coaching impact

See how Annie Ricci leadership coaches have maximized the professional and personal potential of over 1000 female and untapped associates all over the world.

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