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Customized coaching packages for world-class associates

Helping women and untapped talent grow professionally, thrive personally, and make a bigger impact.

The coaching your talent needs for a career unhampered by self-limiting beliefs.

Do you or your women and untapped associates have problems speaking up? Worried about them leaving? Often the issue isn’t shyness or job dissatisfaction. They simply need tailored development support. Unique associates have unique needs, and one-on-one coaching helps them find their voice and become trailblazing leaders. That’s what you will find at Annie Ricci coaching.

supporting associates

Talented leadership coaches helping untapped talent take center stage

Whether one-on-one, in a group setting, or through a bespoke webinar, our leadership and development coaches support associates and organizations in a way that best suits your business needs and your talent’s growth In thought-provoking, empowering, and goal-oriented coaching sessions, our team will help your women and untapped associates unlock their full potential.

one on one

Individual Coaching

Our leadership and development coaches help women and untapped associates find personal and professional direction, clarify their goals, and reduce the impact of fears, self-doubt, and unhelpful mental chatter.

Removing Obstacles

Through personalized, encouraging, and insightful 1:1 coaching sessions, our experienced coaches will help you experience more confidence, calm, and joy every day by removing the obstacles holding you back from success.

Bigger Impact

Our leadership and development coaching support may be just what you need to finally let go of imposter syndrome and make a bigger, better impact in your workplace, so that management will take notice of your talents and give you the recognition you deserve.


Whether you want help achieving career aspirations, improving confidence, developing leadership skills, or balancing work and home life, our leadership coaches will provide you with the tools, support, and guidance you need to work hard and win big.


Together, we’ll design your own tool box full of practical, effective skills that help you move past mental and behavioral roadblocks and develop a do-able plan to help you crush your career goals while thriving outside of work too.

impactful sessioins

Group Coaching

In uplifting group sessions, our dedicated leadership and development coaches will show your women and untapped associates how to stand up, use their voice, and be heard in your business.

Create a Stronger Team

We’ll show them how to leverage their unique talents, passions, and strengths to create a stronger team and see challenges as growth opportunities rather than something they should shy away from.

Enable Your Associates

With the ability to see your organization and associate’s from an objective point-of-view, our leadership and development group coaching sessions enable your associates to see themselves in a different light and know the power they hold.

Build Confidence

We help associates build their confidence, act as their authentic selves, and speak up in meetings to ensure they no longer get in their own way and can contribute more effectively to your business.

Organizational Goals

All the coaching team at Annie Ricci Coaching are certified with the International Coach Federation and have the passion, experience, and coaching skills needed to achieve your unique organizational goals

online training

Topical Webinars

If there is a particular issue your women or untapped associates are struggling with or you want to help them develop specific skills, booking a bespoke topical coaching webinar is a fantastic solution.

The Value of Coaching

When you may not be ready to book a professional leadership and development coaching package for your associates, you can get a taste for the tangible impact that coaching tailored to women and untapped groups in your organization can do.

Tailored Content

Whether you want to teach your associates how to move past mental or behavioral roadblocks, boost their confidence so they’re not afraid to “speak up”, or develop their leadership skills, our leadership coaches can create the perfect webinar for you.

Easy To Understand

Depending on the subject matter, our leadership and development coaches have the expertise to deliver lessons in a content-rich, easy-to-understand, and thought-provoking style that will stay with your associates long after the webinar is over.

Frequently asked questions

Our signature 1:1 coaching program runs over 12 weeks and involves 9 x 45-minute sessions with a dedicated business or leadership coach.

All of our coaches are ICF-certified and have more than 50 years of combined experience.

See how we can support your organization to develop and retain your key talent.