I Sent My Son Outside to Play

I sent my son out in the rain to play

So he couldn’t hear my sobs today.

Soul-shaking, heart-breaking,

Gasping-for-breath sobs

Echoed in the empty house.

Sobs for the hurting humans

Sobs for the exhausted healers

Sobs for the lonely partners

Crying for loved ones dying alone.

I sent my son out in the snow to play

So he couldn’t see my tears today.

Streak-making, mascara-melting,

Flash-flooding tears

Puddled on the hardwood floor.

Tears for the people getting sicker

Tears for the people losing jobs

Tears for the people afraid of

Taking the virus to those at home.

I sent my son into the cold Spring to play

So he couldn’t feel my worry today.

Stomach-churning, chest-gripping

Fear-laced worry

Filled the air around me.

Worry for my clients

Worry for my friends

Worry for my family

And how distancing takes a toll.

I went with my son into the fresh air to play

So he could feel my love and gratitude today.

Soul-soothing, life-giving,

Joy-filled love and gratitude

Swirled like the breeze around us.

Love and gratitude for human kindness

Love and gratitude for mother earth

Love and gratitude for all blessings today

And those that are still to come.

               ~annie ricci~
              March 31, 2020



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