Coaching… Perfect for Times Like These

We got the call last night that schools in Montana are closed until at least March 30. Our son has been begging to be homeschooled and his wish just came true. This morning, however, reality set in for him. It isn’t exactly what he thought it would be. I was thinking, “Finally, all

hours I played school as a little girl, teaching my dolls, are going to come in handy.” Well, homeschooling the kiddo isn’t exactly what I thought it would be, either. Apparently, seven-year-old boys like talking back.

None of what’s happening with the novel coronavirus/ covid-19 situation is what we thought it would be. People we know may get sick or have become sick. Our routines are upside down. Our work has been upended by travel bans. We are stuck in close confines with people who sometimes get on our nerves on the best of days. The kids, what to do with the kids?! We feel the world’s anxiety in the air. Certainly, coaching should be on the back burner, right? How can I think about goals and development at a time like this?

Here’s what I know. In times of stress and overwhelm, we usually stop doing the things that are best for us. We allow the negative voice in our head to take over from a place of fear and anxiety. It somehow convinces us that we don’t have time for what soothes us, for what heals us, for what helps us. So, we dig in, push through, shove the yuck away. Yes, we may get some things done, but there is a cost to white-knuckling through it all. Increased stress hormones take a toll on our wellbeing, our health, our relationships, you name it.

If your inner voice has convinced you that now is not the time for coaching, I want you to stop and take a deep breath. Tell that voice, “Thank you for showing up. I promise to keep doing everything necessary to keep us safe.” Repeat the deep breath and the saying until whatever tightness you’re feeling starts subsiding. Coaching is here to support you in unique ways during these most stressful times. Please know that we developed this coaching program to support you in any way you need support. We recognize that some days you will want coaching around your goals. Now, you might just need a place to process the massive shifts happening in your world. Coaching is ideal for that.

A client called in late for her session today and said, “I just wasn’t going to reschedule this call. I deserve this time right now.” She was tempted to reschedule. But she chose to put on her own oxygen mask first…she took the time to engage in coaching and walked away feeling better for doing so.

We are here for you during this very stressful, weird time in our history. There are no expectations for to-do lists and action items. There is the opportunity for some peace in the chaos, however. As coaches, we are trained to hold space for your fears and to help you problem solve through tough times. If you haven’t scheduled with your coach in some time, don’t hesitate to reach out. If you have a session booked, keep it, even if you don’t know what you’re going to talk about. Sometimes the best coaching conversations start with “I don’t know…”

Please be sure you are taking care of yourselves, checking the CDC website, your local health department websites, your company’s resources, and other reputable sources for helpful information.

Lastly, I understand the terminology “social distancing.” Intellectually, it makes sense. But we are social creatures, so it can definitely feel hard to distance ourselves socially. Let’s reframe it to “physical distancing.” That is what we are truly doing. Let’s take that part seriously. We keep ourselves, families, friends, colleagues and neighbors safer when we stay home. So let’s commit to staying home for everyone’s sake.

Connect with your online communities, call your family and friends on the phone. We will all make it through this. It will be easier if we stay connected in all the ways modern technology affords us.

Cheers & Good Health,




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