Coaching Agreement
(6 Sessions)

Please complete this Coaching Agreement and return it to your Coach before your first session, if your program includes 6 coaching sessions.

The Annie Ricci Coaching team is very excited to be able to provide you with coaching, and we hope that your time coaching with us will be satisfying and productive for you. Below is an outline of how we will work together. Once you have read through all the documents, please sign below and email a copy of this document, along with your Getting Started with Coaching Worksheet, to your coach at least 2 days in advance of your first Session.

Your Contact Details

Our Partnership

The focus of coaching is to identify your goals, tap into your strengths, uncover anything that might be getting in your way, and develop a plan for you to move forward. Your coach will be your partner, facilitating a process, but you are the expert on you.

The focus of your coaching will be designed jointly in your sessions, with you taking the lead on setting the agenda and priorities. Your coach may suggest avenues of exploration, be direct and challenging, but their job will always be to support you in your intentions and actions you choose for yourself.

In your introductory email you were provided with the name and contact details of the member of the Annie Ricci Coaching team who will be your coach for this program. As part of this coaching program, offered to you by your company, you have 6 coaching sessions to be completed over a period of 13 weeks. Sessions run for 45 minute and are conducted by phone.

You will meet with your coach bi-weekly. This allows for time to pause, reflect on, and practice your learnings. We have found that clients who spend time reflecting before each session get the most out of coaching. Therefore, please complete and return a completed Questions for Reflection Form to your coach before each of your second through to your fifth session. The final form, Reflections and Celebration, may be used for your final (6th) session.

Scheduling & Cancellations

You will be provided with a link to your coach’s schedule to book your sessions. Once a session is booked you will receive a confirmation email. This email contains a link which you can use to reschedule or cancel appointments up to 24 hours before your session if necessary.

Together we will do our best to keep to the meeting cadence as outlined above, however there may be times when we will have to be flexible around scheduling sessions due to other commitments such as business travel or PTO.

If an emergency arises and you need to cancel or reschedule within 24 hours of your session, then please email your coach directly. They will do their best to refill this session, but if they can’t, be aware that they may have to deduct the session from your total number of sessions. The same applies to no-shows. The exception to this is late cancellations due to illness or family emergencies.

In the event that circumstances arise that prevent you from continuing with your coaching sessions, please let your coach know and they can discuss with you the option of taking a short break. However, please note that sessions must be completed within 6 months of the start date (i.e., your Introductory session), otherwise your coaching sessions will be forfeited. Please be aware that as part of our agreement with your organization, we are obliged to inform them about any clients who are falling behind schedule with their coaching sessions.

Confidentiality & Non-disclosure

Your confidentiality is of primary importance to us. Your coach will not reveal that you and your coach are in a coaching relationship without your express permission. Your coach will do all in their power to keep confidential all communications between you, including information relating to both your professional and personal life.

The only exception to this is if they learn of something that is a threat to the performance and/or well-being of you, your colleagues or the organization and they can’t find a way for you to talk about it. Also, if your coach reasonably believes that you may hurt yourself or someone else, or that you are in danger they will take the necessary steps to alert the relevant authorities. All of the coaching team at Annie Ricci Coaching will be rigorous about following The International Coach Federation Code of Ethics.