Pauline Cheung


Pauline Cheung is an executive and leadership coach. She supports professional women to help them overcome their fears and lock into lasting confidence, so that they can show up unapologetically to leadership and life on their own terms.

Prior to coaching, Pauline spent 12+ years as an international executive working directly with C-suite and senior level executives at leading Fortune 500 companies, including The Walt Disney Company and Ralph Lauren Corporation, in the areas of strategy, marketing and business development. She has also spent time as a management consultant assisting FTSE companies launch new ventures. Pauline’s experience has spanned across Europe, Asia and the United States, which has developed her capacity to collaborate and motivate people across business units, nationalities and cultures.

Stepping off the corporate track and into the entrepreneurial world, Pauline trained at the renowned culinary school, Johnson & Wales, followed by a short stint at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group. Pauline went on to launch her own business, consulting for various food businesses, as well as teaching avid home bakers the secrets to baking like a pastry chef.


Pauline is passionate about helping talented women uncover their confidence, step into their power, and own their voices. An international executive leader – turned women’s leadership coach – Pauline knows what it’s like to look successful on the outside while internally second guessing themselves. She knows how challenging it is to step into the unknown and navigate the fear of failure and judgment. Her deep compassion for women wrestling with similar desires and demons helps her coaching clients and audience members break out of their fears and step into full visibility as their unique and brilliant selves.


Pauline is a professionally certified coach with the Co-Active Training Institute, a leading ICF-accredited organization, and holds an MBA from Cass Business School. She also serves on the coaching faculty for the LEAP Organization (Leadership Education for Asian Pacifics).


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Here’s What Pauline’s Clients Are Saying:


One of Pauline’s many strengths as an executive coach is that she sees and addresses the whole person. Rather than only focusing on professional success, Pauline acknowledges the human being first and foremost. She doesn’t shy away from the core, but often difficult conversations, that can plague us and influence our actions and choices in every facet of life. She is fantastic and helping to distill daunting content into clear, unadulterated truths – never with judgment and always with grace. This approach, coupled with her notable business and coaching acumen, translates to working from a place of authenticity and radical honesty – the only place where real and lasting change and success can manifest.

M. Morris
Associate Director


Pauline helped me see what strategic work to focus on, but that I let other’s needs and other’s asks for my time come first, instead of prioritizing the larger, more high-profile initiatives on my plate. This insight has been crucial in reframing the narrative around what I’m good at and where there are opportunities in my career.

As a woman in tech, she also coached me towards more effective communication with senior men I regularly work with. Thanks to my time working with Pauline, I feel better equipped to take on new challenges at work with the confidence that I’ve been successful in the past and I can create that same success in whatever I take on next. As a result, I was able to finally advocate for what I wanted at work, proposed a solution and received buy-in.

Laura O.
Senior Marketing Director


When I started working with Pauline I was feeling stuck in my business. I knew I was capable of more but I was struggling to stay focused and scared to put myself out there to market my business at a bigger level. Pauline helped me get super clear on what it was I really wanted and feel confident about going after my dreams.

Her thoughtful guidance and deep questions showed me that I already had everything I needed to be successful in my business. Through working with Pauline I unlocked what it was I wanted (and learned how to block out the outside noise). She helped me set and achieve much bigger goals in my business. And create in a way that felt true to who I am.

S. Miller
Entrepreneur & Author