Bethany O'Connor


Bethany is an ICF certified executive coach and founder of Bethany O’Connor Coaching, LLC. She specializes in helping women leaders in global organizations recover from burnout and build resilience so they can truly thrive. She is also an expert trainer and facilitator with 12 years of experience training in Asia, Africa and Latin America on topics ranging from gender and sexual diversity to project management.

Bethany holds a master’s degree in International Development from the University of Kentucky and for the first 12 years of her career, she managed US government-funded reproductive health and HIV prevention projects overseas. These projects focused on expanding access to critical health services for marginalized populations. 

Bethany is passionate about helping people get in touch with their most extraordinary vision for their professional and personal lives, and charting a course towards realizing that vision and living it every day.

Bethany is also certified in Kundalini yoga and Reiki. She lives in Boulder, Colorado with her husband and two golden retrievers. In her spare time, she loves hiking in the Rockies, yoga, and traveling.

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Bethany’s Testimonials:


Bethany helped me realize my full potential at a time when I was deciding on my next step. Through her incredible ability to truly listen and gently untangle others’ thoughts, Bethany coached me through some intellectual insecurities that had been holding me back for some time. Her kindness and never-ending enthusiasm left me feeling excited, strong, and motivated after each session. I had never thought to work with a coach, but the experience has been so wonderful that I would recommend Bethany to anyone working through life hurdles—no matter how big or small!

Melissa Schnure, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

I needed Bethany’s guidance on transitioning into more senior leadership roles along with an appreciation for my unique approach and perspectives. Drawing on her own professional experiences as well as her coaching talents- Bethany helped me to identify my strengths and how to articulate them. She talked me through some of my blind spots and how to overcome obstacles- including those I had placed on myself. With a caring and appreciative inquiry, she helped me build the confidence I needed to take on the more complex role. Thanks Bethany!

Ryan Ubuntu Olson, Palladium

Bethany coached me on taking time for myself and stop putting all my energy into my career and family. As a single parent and entrepreneur, it was a lot I was holding onto. She helped me uncover deep insights that allowed me to see my options from different perspectives that released the strangle-hold I had on myself and my time. I loved working with Bethany because from the first coaching experience, I felt her caring, compassion and strength give me the support I needed to explore what was holding me back. I am new to using a coach and honestly, I can’t express how much stronger and more confident I feel in the decisions I make for myself and my family. I highly recommend Bethany!

Nina Jolic, Evalign Inc.

Bethany helped guide me at a time of transition where I felt lost. With her ability to hold space, while providing a container to help me push towards my goals, I felt cared for, challenged, and empowered. Bethany is valuable to this field as a kind, compassionate, and motivated coach; she truly got excited for me and my dreams. She has inspired me to continue to pursue my dreams, goals, and visions for my future! Coaching with Bethany is something I hope to continue to pursue throughout my life, when needed.

Kelsie Rook, Therapist