Dear Me,

I love you. No, really, I. Love. You. I thought Valentine’s Day would be the perfect opportunity to tell you what I see in you.

You have broken the chains of erroneous beliefs that never served you anyway. You no longer believe that you are unworthy of love. You no longer believe that you have to change yourself for someone else to love you. You no longer pursue perfection because now you know it’s a myth. You no longer hold on to the idea that everything in this world is either black or white, either wrong or right.

You you see in brilliant shades of gray when it comes to all matters of human existence. You allow yourself to make the big mistakes and the small ones. You learn from them, you apologize when necessary and you move on with the knowledge that you tried, maybe failed, but you definitely learned something.

You know, now, truly loving someone means loving them even in their worst moments. Truly loving someone means letting them be exactly who they are at any given time. It also means understanding that sometimes they’re going to give their best and sometimes not so much. Granted, you don’t always love perfectly, but you always show up with a heart ready to try.

You wear a lot of hats and occupy different spaces in this world. You are a good woman, a good person, a good mother, a good daughter, a good coach, a good wife, and a good friend. You are good in all of these roles because you show up in all the real ways that matter. With heart. With love. With laughter. With tears. With arms open wide and shoulders to share the load.

So keep up the good work. Keep showing up. Keep holding space for those who cross your path. And know you’ve got this.





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